Video Game Girls

Few fun/lovely pictures for you geeks out there. Just don't expect them to appear in front of your TV screen.

Check more of them at Destructoid

Lynx Blow

This is literally will blow your mind. Play this interactive video and blow this girl's clothes away.

Just be sure you have good internet connections, since it's a big flash file.

Enjoy Surfing

They're all ads about wetsuit named Radiator. It was supposed to send a message that the Radiator wetsuit is so slick that it would feel that you're not wearing anything. So, why do they all need to be posed like they were having sex?


Carmen & Coke

Everyone must love Carmen Electra. This ex Baywatch star appears as guest star on most of comedy movies.

A while ago, she posed for Glizzy magazine. Intended or not, the direction was to shoot her while she was drinking Coca-Cola coke. I don't know whether this is part of Coca-Cola product placement. At least, I do know that Carmen looks great in a wacy won bikini.

Corona Extra Beer

The product's tagline say it all: "Grind It In Deeper."

The ads look like they were captured from a porn movie. Showing only some parts, while allowing you to imagine the rest.